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Folk Rock - Scottish Celtic Music

Wolfstone are a Scottish musical group founded in 1989, who play Celtic rock. Their repertoire consists of both original songs and traditional folk pieces. The band record on their own label, Once Bitten Records. The group are named after the “Wolfstone”, a Pictish stone originally sited at Ardross, Easter Ross, close to where the band initially recorded.

About Us

"We are, after all, a rock band from the Scottish Highlands who happen to use bagpipes, flutes and fiddles."

Duncan Chisholm

Duncan Chisholm

Inverness, Scotland, UK

Instruments: fiddle

Stuart Eaglesham

Clydebank, Scotland, UK

Instruments: lead vocals and acoustic guitar

Stevie Saint

Pitlochry, Scotland, UK

Instruments: pipes and whistles

Colin Cunningham

Dundee, Scotland, UK

Instruments: bass guitar

Davie Dunsmuir

Scotland, UK

Instruments: lead guitar


Ayr, Scotland, UK

Instruments: drums and keyboards


Record Timeline


Forthcoming Shows

Ortigueira Festival (Galicia) July 16th 2022
An inescapable event to see and one of two world references for folk, the Ortigueira Festival has become, on its own merits, one of the most massive musical events in all of Spain. Its magnitude exceeds or purely musical, to consolidate itself as a free space where people from all the tribes meet two more diverse points of geography.
Plasencia Folk Festival (Extremadura) August 20th 2022
The Plasencia International Folk Festival is one of the reference folk festivals that some of the most outstanding groups and artists from Galicia, Extremadura and the entire peninsula have attended in recent years, as well as international groups.
Celtic Night of Astorga (León) August 25th 2022
The Astorga festivities have one of the highlights of their programming, the celebration of a Celtic Night that will bring together great national and international folk bands on the stage of the Plaza Mayor.


Some Historic Shows


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